June 20, 2011

Fort Pierce, FL And Some Crazy Looking Fish

Yet another Florida adventure! This fishing trip is brought to you by Captain Charlie of Fishtales Charters. I've fished with him before and he can get you into just about any species of fish you're after. Check out his site at www.fishtalescharter.com . We started fishing out of Fort Pierce early in the morning on the Indain River. We used pinfish and live shrimp as bait but I had the most fun using artificial baits. The weather was almost perfect and we caught a bunch of fish. We targeted speckled trout and caught several throughout the day. As we fished we saw dolphins swimming and manatees. The best part about this trip is that we caught several new species including two that I had never heard of to this point. The lizardfish and the striped burrfish are some of the most interesting fish I've seen in person. We also caught a stingray and needlefish that were both firsts for me. I'm always amazed at how hard these saltwater fish fight. Some of the smaller fish I landed put up just as much of fight as some of the larger brown trout I've caught. Florida has become my favorite place to fish and I can't wait to get back down there to wet a line.


Mangrove Snapper

My first Lizardfish.

18" speckled trout

My first stingray.

Stay clear of the barb!


And the weirdest fish of the day, a striped burrfish. It is a species of pufferfish.

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