December 8, 2010

2010 Utah Trout Slam

The 2010 Utah Trout Slam has come to a close. It was a competition that ran from January 31 to Dec 1, 2010. Going after the slam took me to some new waters, going after 7 different species of trout and gave me some memories that will last the rest of my life. I put a lot of miles on the truck and spent hours online researching bodies of water to find out where I could get into the big trout that Utah is known for. I met some new friends along the way and fished with some of my favorite fishing partners; my brothers. When it was all said and done I ended my slam with a total of 159 inches (sum of all 7 fish). The results came out yesterday and out of 180 people that registered for the trout slam, my 159 inches was good enough for a 1st place finish in the first ever held Utah Trout Slam! You can see a list of the top 8 finishers at . This is the first fishing competition I've entered and I'm already addicted to them. I'm hoping I can get to do more of them in 2011. Below are some pictures of the fish that made up my slam. My favorite fish of the slam was the Splake. It is hands down the thickest trout I have ever landed. It was a complete toad! I released all of the fish I caught so hopefully another fisherman can have the chance at feeling them on the end of their line. FISH ON!
18" Brook Trout

20.5" Cutthroat Trout

21" Splake

21.5" Rainbow Trout

22" Tiger Trout

23" Brown Trout

33" Lake Trout


  1. Impressive..That Splake looks interesting. Brook X Lake Trout hybrid right?? It's a beautiful fish.

  2. You're right, a splake is a brook trout and lake trout hybrid. My brother and I caught quite a few of them that day but only one like that! Thanks for stopping by David.

  3. Some great looking fish, Rick! Congratulations on your first prize efforts. As you know, I have a crush on Tiger Trout. Gosh, I wish Idaho Fish & Game would see things like I do.

  4. It seems Utah is stocking them in more and more lakes. I love that they are. Tigers are one of my favorite fish to catch.

  5. Congrats on 1st place. I'm planning on signing up this year for sure. I'm pretty new to fishing Utah so I've been doing a lot of research online and even more time with my rod in my hands "practicing" for the 2011 slam. Did you catch your Tiger in one of the Uinta lakes? I've been to Birch Creek Res. but no BIG ones wanted to bite? You don't have to share your secrets if you don't want to. haha Did they say how many of the 180 registered people finished?

  6. Congrats! Those are some great fish. I don't know how I've never come across your blog before now...good stuff!