November 16, 2010

Mixed Bag On The Jordan River

I had a few hours in between running around so I grabbed my ultra-light rod and headed down to the Jordan River. It's a quick 5 minute drive from my house which makes it nice when you only have a little time and have to get rid of that fishing itch. The river is really low this time of year which push most of the remaining fish into pools. By this time most of the better sized fish have been taken by the countless fisherman that hit the river the first second that the water levels drop. I wasn't planning on catching any trophies but even the little guys can be fun on an ultra-light rod. I caught 5 different species of fish in the hour or so I was there. There were a few I caught that were no bigger than the spinner I was using. I used a few different colors of Mepps and Roster tails and they seemed to like them. I think you could throw just about anything in there and catch a fish. Other than the mud, it would be a great place to take the little ones for some catching opportunites. You never know what you might pull out!



White Bass
Black Crappie

Largemouth Bass


  1. That is quite the smorgasboard of fish so close too home. I can see why you like it to get rid of the fishing "itch". Wished I was near a spot like that where I could catch the variety that you did.

  2. It is a fun river. There are 11 species that I know of in this river so you never know what you might pull out.